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Our Top Keto Smoothie Recipe (Yup, Low Carb Too)

What’s better than cookies and coffee in the morning? A delicious cookies and cream frappe, that’s what. Check out this keto-friendly mocha cookies & cream smoothie recipe below.

We combined creamy coconut milk, crunchy cashews, and energy-boosting coffee to provide natural, sustainable energy first thing in the morning, as an afternoon snack, or for dessert. Unlike fruit smoothies, which are loaded with sugar, this keto-friendly smoothie boasts only 5 grams of carbs. This frappe is also chock-full of healthy fats from almonds, coconuts, and cashews, with whey protein to keep you anabolic whenever you decide to treat yourself.

cookies and cream mocha smoothie-ketologic




  1. Combine all ingredients except the ice in a blender.
  2. Add one cup of ice and blend until smooth.
  3. Add more ice if needed for texture and/or temperature consistency.

Nutrition (per 8 oz. serving):

Calories: 440

Fat: 37g (76%)

Total Carbohydrate: 7g (6%)

Fiber: 1.7g

Net Carbohydrate: 5.3g

Protein: 19g (18%)

Fat/Net Carb + Protein Ratio: 1.5:1

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