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Tasty Food Ideas For Your Labor Day Keto Party

With Labor Day right around the corner, the party planning has begun. And sometimes it can be tricky to plan a party that all your friends will enjoy without breaking all the rules when it comes to nutrition. But fear not, this article is your guide to throwing a party full of tasty treats that your guests will enjoy even if they haven’t embraced your keto lifestyle.


We’ll start with the drinks. If you’ve been keto for a while, you understand that strictly speaking, alcohol isn’t exactly keto. However, the best part of a keto lifestyle is that nothing has to be truly off-limits, but rather, almost everything can be consumed in moderation within the general structure of the ketogenic principles.

If you’re looking to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, zero net carb liquors are your best bet for your keto lifestyle. Below are a few refreshing suggestions for your party.

Try to stick with unsweetened and unflavored liquor. These tasty cocktails will please you and your guests alike. But remember to consume slowly and in moderation.*


While a party isn’t complete without ice cold beverages, every good party host knows that the snacks can make or break a get together. Luckily for you, there are endless delicious keto options that your friends will enjoy as much as you do!


If the snack part of this party seemed easy, just wait for dinner. Labor Day is a holiday that is known for grilling. This caters perfectly to a keto lifestyle. Below are a few dinner (or lunch) main course ideas for your Labor Day festivities.


I hope that this guide helps you enjoy your holiday. For other ideas, check out the Recipe section on the KetoLogic website.

*Most people on a ketogenic, or any low-carb diet for that matter, tend to experience a much lower alcohol tolerance than usual. Remember to consume in moderation and be aware that your tolerance is likely lower than it was prior to reducing your carbohydrate intake. Alcohol will also serve as a natural diuretic, so be sure to consume more water than usual.

**Stick to a non-processed cheese option for your pinwheels.

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